Review: SQ SYD SilverKris First Class Lounge

I was pretty excited to experience the Singaore first class lounge. I was in the Hong Kong first class lounge but wasn’t feeling well. Upon entry an attendant scanned by boarding pass and open a door to the right of the check in desk.

The first c lass lounge is basically 4 areas. 3 of the 4 are seating and one is dining. The first seating area upon entering had some chairs but I didn’t see any plugs.

The second room was the buffet and dining areas. Along one wall was tables

While the other side had the buffet and drinks.

The third room had cubicle style seating which provided power and USB at every seat.

The fourth and final room had a few chairs with a view of the runway.

Upon sitting down an attendant walked over and offered me a drink. I ordered a glass of champagne and a diet Pepsi. A hot towel was also provided.

I was also presented a menu for the a la carte dining. I chose the eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.

The bathrooms also had amenities such as a shaving and dental kit.

One thing to note was the terribly slow wifi. I wound up just connecting to the free airport wifi which was much better.

Survey Says

Overall this is an excellent lounge. It has good food and drinks options and isn’t crowded. I was one of just a few people in the lounge at any given point. It’s nice that Singapore airlines takes time to extend a first class ground experience to their outstations.

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