Review: TG BKK-TPE Business

Date: Thursday October 12
Flight: 636
Aircraft: A330-300
Origin: BKK
Destination: TPE
Seat: 14B Business
Scheduled Push Back: 5:40 PM
Actual Push Back: 6:10 PM

I’ve never flown Thai business on an international route so I was pretty excited. I lowered my expectations a bit as this is a intra-Asia flight and doesn’t even have fully flat seats.
I boarded at 5:45 PM through door 1L and found my way to 14B. The seat was the standard angle lay flat. However, due to this flight being international I had a pillow, blanket, and headphones waiting for me on the seat. However, no amenity kit was provided. There were also some flowers for decoration.

Flight attendants wear a classic Thai silk dress on international flights which is not something you see everyday. I was addressed by last name and offered a pre-departure beverage and provided with a hot towel.

Menus were also waiting at the seat and were specific for the flight noting the flight number and route. There were three choices, Thai, Western, or Chinese. I chose the Chinese as it seemed pretty tasty but after takeoff I was informed I couldn’t get my choice and had to pick another meal. This time I went with Thai.

I was browsing the entertainment and saw quite a few titles. From new releases to the 1980’s Wall Street, which was impressive. The entertainment system was really laggy and even rebooted on me.

We pushed back at 6:10 PM, took off at 6:32 PM, and the seatbelt sign was off at 6:40 PM. The flight attendant served our drinks and mixed nuts with dried fruit. I decided to try the Veuve Clicquot Brut champagne which was pretty sweet.

The meal consisting of an appetizer, and main course, was all served on one tray, rather course by course. The meal took some time to come out, coming out after most other business class passengers, the flight attendant even apologized for the delay.

Dinner trays were collected and dessert and bottled water was provided. Coffee and tea were also served.

With the lack of amenity kit I was expecting amenities in the lavatory like Singapore Airlines. However, the lavatory only had lotion and a fragrance spray.

Survey Says

Overall the flight was fine and the staff were very nice. However, the service seemed a bit disorganized and slow. For a quick inta-Asia flight this wasn’t bad. I’d be interested to see if Thai long haul business is a but more polished.

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