Review: TG HKG-BKK Business

In classic Thai fashion nothing is announced or on time. Boarding was scheduled to begin at 12:05 PM. However, boarding actually began at 12:30 PM.

Date: Tuesday September 11
Flight: 601
Aircraft: 777-300
Origin: HKG
Destination: BKK
Seat: 21A Royal Silk Class
Scheduled Push Back: 12:55 PM
Actual Push Back: 12:49 PM

Thai is notorious for aircraft swaps. I originally booked HKG-BKK-SYD all on first class. However, just a few weeks later my aircraft was swapped to a business only config. Luckily it was on the shorter flight.

I boarded thorough door 1L and turned right towards my seat. Thai has several seat types. This aircraft has a staggered 1-2-1 layout. The key is to get odd numbered window seats which are closer to the window. The seat had two USB ports under the seat back screen, an electrical outlet below and to the right, seat controls, and entertainment controls.


Shortly after boarding a flight attendant came over addressing me by name and offering a pre-departure beverage. After a minute or so my diet coke and a hot towel were provided.

I was also given meal and drink menus for today’s flight. I decided to go with the Thai meal selection. I don’t even like pastrami much in California, never mind in Hong Kong.

After take off we had some amazing views of Hong Kong island.

Lunch was served about 20 minutes after takeoff. Everything was served on one tray.

The lunch tray was collected and I was offered coffee or tea.

The lavatory had business class amenities with the signature Thai purple lotus.

Survey Says

Overall this was a good fight. There wasn’t anything noteworthy about the flight. However, these days I think that’s good. I got from Hong Kong to Bangkok comfortably and on time.

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