Review: TG Royal Silk Lounge Concourse D

After my complimentary treatment at the Royal Orchid Spa, I walked across the hall to the Royal Silk Lounge. The agent scanned my boarding pass and quickly admitted us.

This lounge isĀ big. The lounge is very long and never even looked remotely crowded. There had to be hundreds of seats. Unfortunately, none of these seats have power, so many people were seating around the areas with power on the walls or floor.

There was a main good area servicing various hot dishes, dim sum, sandwiches, and made to order soup.

There were also several beverage stations located throughout the lounge with some cold food options including make your own salad.

Survey Says

This lounge is huge and not crowded. These days, that counts for a lot. The food offerings are nothing to write home about but are decent. Just the fact that I can get a soda, sit down, and not be surrounded by people is what an airport lounge was designed to be.

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