Review: UA Global First Lounge LHR

Wow. Just wow. This is one of the most visually stunning lounges I’ve been too. I can’t believe United even has a product like this. I read reviews that this lounge is the best Star Alliance option in Heathrow and that’s saying a lot since other contenders are Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Singapore Airlines.

I followed signs to the United Club and came up the elevator to the main reception. Upon scanning my boarding pass I was directed to the Global First lounge which is directly behind the elevators. I then scanned my boarding pass again and was admitted entry. There are several seating areas which are all portioned off and create privacy. Immediately after walking in there is two areas with couch seating.

Off to the left upon walking in was a seating area with a TV.

Continuing into the lounge there was two additional seating areas.

There was a section with day beds.

The main area of the lounge which had food and drink was visually stunning with a large clock face.

In the buffet area there was self serve breakfast, alcoholic beverages, and caned soft drinks. There was also a make your own bloody Mary area. Additionally, there were packaged snacks which seemed to look like take away options.


The nicest feature of the lounge was a la carte dining with table service. There was a complete breakfast menu.

The dining area was nicely decorated and featured a wine display in the center (or shall I say centre since I’m in London).

I ordered the eggs Benedict which were great, and a pot of tea.

I also visited the adjacent United Club and was equally as impressed. The decor is minimalist but elegant and chic. I was told the bar is the longest one at Heathrow as well.

The hot food spread is actually the same as the Global First Lounge is impressive by any lounge standard.

Survey Says

I was so impressed that this lounge was run by United Airlines. It will be sad that this lounge will eventually close in favor of a Polaris lounge. To be fair, Polaris lounges also offer sit down dining. Hopefully the new Polaris lounge doesn’t cut too much into t he existing United Club which would cause crowding like Chicago.

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