Review: UA SFO-EWR BusinessFirst

Date: Saturday August 6
Flight: 213
Aircraft: B757-200
Origin: SFO
Destination: EWR
Seat: 1E BusinessFirst
Scheduled Push Back: 3:50 PM
Actual Push Back: 3:51 PM

After two nights in my own bed I figure it’s time to fly out again. Unlike my inbound flight which was on a internationally configured 777, I’m on the traditional PS 757. I booked seat 1E as I’ve read the foot well is one of the larger ones. I’ve noticed some seats have narrow footwells which don’t even fit both my feet side-by-side. 

I arrived at the gate 10 minutes before boarding was scheduled to begin. The monitors showed the flight was overbooked and United was looking for 16 people to take a later flight. I’m no “capacity analyst” but people who tend to cancel or reschedule last minute are business travelers and Saturday is a lesiure travel day.

I found my way to 1E and wasn’t disappointed with the foot well. It can easily fit both me feet side-by-side with no issue. On the seat was the team USA branded amenity kit which I now have a small collection of.

UA Large Foot Well

Pre-departure beverages were provided along with a menu for the lunch service. The appetizer was a siriracha honey-lime grilled shrimp with a beer and grapefruit salad. The main course options where a lamb shoulder, grilled chicken breast, or a portobello and kale lasagna.

8-6 United Menu

I chose the grilled chicken breast as I always try to get the healthiest option. Flight attendants came through with an ice cream cart after lunch and cookies before arrival.

Survey Says

This was an on time flight which always makes it a good flight in my book. The foot wells in row 1 are the widest, so keep an eye out for those seats.