Review: UA TPE-SFO Polaris Business

Date: Sunday October 15
Flight: 872
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Origin: TPE
Destination: SFO
Seat: 1D Polaris Business
Scheduled Push Back: 9:50 AM
Actual Push Back: 9:46 AM

This flight was originally serviced by a 747-400 and I had seats on the upper deck. I then noticed the aircraft was swapped to the new 77W a few weeks later. While I was sad I wouldn’t fly the upper deck of the 747 one more time, I was excited to fly the new Polaris hard product.

Due to increased regulations, there is additional screening at the gate so I headed over a bit early and made it through just as my group was called. I boarded through door 1L and was met by classic unhappy United flight attendants who are only on this route because they have years of service. I do want to note that I have had many friendly flight attendants, but these specific ones didn’t seem to thrilled to be here today. Upon boarding I found my seat

I requested a gel pillow and pajamas. I was told pajamas were not catered today as the flight is under 12 hours (even though this route was reported to have pajamas in both directions regardless of block time). This pajama benefit seems to be more of a marketing item and only offered on a very select few flights.

Menus were distributed and there was three options for a lunch service and three options for an arrival breakfast service.

The amenity kit was the standard Polaris Saks Fifth Avenue kit and had all the in-flight essentials.

We took off at 10:21 AM due to weather and congestion. The pilot noted some turbulence around the airport and asked the flight attendants to stay seated for the climb out. The flight attendants got up to begin the service but had to be seated again due to weather. At 11:21 AM the service finally started with hot towels. A drink service followed and was served with warm nuts.

The appetizer and salad course were served. The salad was good. The chicken skewers were decent, but would of been better served hot.

The main entrée of pork tenderloin was served. The pork was flavorful, not to salty, but somewhat tough.

The cheese course was served with coffee or tea. The wrapped crackers make the plate look tacky.

Ice cream sundaes in paper cups were served with a variety of small baked goods.

At 7:40 PM Taipei time hot towels were distributed ahead of the breakfast service. This was shortly followed by the breakfast service.

Survey Says

While the Polaris hard product is a great improvement, the soft product hasn’t changed. Compared to other carriers, the crew is cold and not customer friendly. I don’t think I saw anyone from the crew smile. Overall the flight was uneventful and we landed at SFO early, where I headed to the arrivals lounge.

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