Review: UA SFO GlobalFirst Lounge

This was my second time in the United SFO GlobalFirst (read: PolarisFirst) lounge. You can read my initial write up here. While the GlobalFirst lounges are much nicer compared to domestic United Clubs, I would say they are just on par with the American Express Centurion lounges. While the American Express Centurion lounges have slightly better food, they tend to be very crowded at times. This is where the GlobalFirst lounges really shine. These lounges are only available to international first class customers on United or Star Alliance flights. While the new Polaris lounge in ORD seems to have much better amenities, they are open to all business class customers and also have reports of being crowded as well.

I checked in and was quickly admitted after the agent scanned my boarding pass. I took the elevator down one level to the lounge.

The lounge is basically one long rectangular room that has some dividers to break up the flow.

There is also a quiet room which had a few seats.

There was no business center like many of the United Clubs. I always find these areas nice as they provide cubes where you can work, charge, and eat.

Dining Area

As you keep walking you’ll enter the main dining area. This area has some tables, but they are not near any plugs like the rest of the seats. Since it was 8:30 AM PST, breakfast was being served.

The breakfast today was

  • Potato and chorizo hash
  • Cheese and ham egg scramble
  • Normal scrambled eggs
  • French toast

There was also an area with fresh fruit, cereal, and soft drinks

I’m not really sure why there was all the toppings for an ice cream sundae when its not even 9:00 AM PST. Additionally, these toppings were removed when the lunch spread came out.

Not pictured well was the soft drinks to the left. Also, on the top shelf was cereal.

Around 10:30 AM PST the breakfast spread was replaced with the lunch offerings.

The lunch options were

  • Beef lasagna
  • Pesto ravioli
  • Garlic bread
  • Sautéed vegetables

Along with the hot food items there was also an area with Salad and Soup (same as the standard United Clubs) and sushi

And of course, no lounge is complete without a selection of booze.

On the other side of the buffet spread was more seating and your standard selection of reading material.


As you continue to walk back there are the shower rooms and bathrooms.

Survey Says

There isn’t a sit down service like the ANA Suites Lounge, but the United GlobalFirst lounge is a quiet place which has very limited access, which is always nice. Additionally, these lounges are going away with the phase out of GlobalFirst.