Review: TG CNX-BKK Business

Date: Thursday October 12
Flight: 103
Aircraft: 777-300
Origin: CNX
Destination: BKK
Seat: 14B Business
Scheduled Push Back: 10:05 AM
Actual Push Back: 10:16 AM

I booked this one way CNX-BKK-TPE flight in business class using United miles which cost 40K. Come November 1 2017 the cost of these awards will be increased slightly. I saw there was a lounge at CNX but after clearing security I was told the lounge was before security and didn’t want to go back out. Boarding was scheduled to start at 9:45 AM. Like most Thai flights this is when they want you at the gate not when boarding will actually begin.

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Review: TG BKK-CNX Business

Date: Monday October 9
Flight: 110
Aircraft: A330-300
Origin: BKK
Destination: CNX
Seat: 12B Business
Scheduled Push Back: 1:10 PM
Actual Push Back: 2:11 PM

After leaving the Thai Royal Orchid lounge I headed over to gate A6 which was the furthest gate away in the terminal. Boarding was scheduled to start at 12:40 PM which was more of a concept than an actual boarding time. An announcement then came over the PA that the flight won’t board until 1:40 PM due to technical reasons. However, the status showed on time on the terminal monitors and website.

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