Review: SQ IAH-MAN Business

Date: Wednesday October 18
Flight: 51
Aircraft: A350-900
Origin: IAH
Destination: MAN
Seat: 11K Business
Scheduled Push Back: 7:10 PM
Actual Push Back: 7:03 PM

I was pretty excited for this trip. I’ve flown Singapore Airlines once in First Class from HKG-SFO. However, I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t take in the whole experience. I was also pretty excited to fly on the A350 for the first time. While the A350 doesn’t feature First Class, Singapore Business class is industry leading.

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Review: IAH Centurion Lounge

I finally had the opportunity to see the IAH Centurion lounge which is relatively new-ish. I wish this lounge was here when I was flying through IAH every week to get to Detroit. Once you’ve seen one Centurion lounge you know what to expect at any other location. However, I have read that this lounge is not easy to find if you don’t know where to go. It involves walking through a store, an elevator, and a hallway.

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