Review: SFO Centurion Lounge

American Express has a handful of lounges available for their platinum and centurion card members. Luckily one of these is in SFO and even better it’s in terminal 3 where United operates. Unlike DFW not all terminals at SFO are connected air side. So if you’re not departing from terminal 3 or international terminal G this lounge would be pretty inconvenient.  Continue reading “Review: SFO Centurion Lounge”

Review: UA SFO-EWR BusinessFirst

Date: Saturday August 6
Flight: 213
Aircraft: B757-200
Origin: SFO
Destination: EWR
Seat: 1E BusinessFirst
Scheduled Push Back: 3:50 PM
Actual Push Back: 3:51 PM

After two nights in my own bed I figure it’s time to fly out again. Unlike my inbound flight which was on a internationally configured 777, I’m on the traditional PS 757. I booked seat 1E as I’ve read the foot well is one of the larger ones. I’ve noticed some seats have narrow footwells which don’t even fit both my feet side-by-side.  Continue reading “Review: UA SFO-EWR BusinessFirst”

Review: UA EWR-SFO BusinessFirst

Date: Thursday August 4
Flight: 1885
Aircraft: B777-200
Origin: EWR
Destination: SFO
Seat: 9J BusinessFirst
Scheduled Push Back: 3:59 PM
Actual Push Back: 4:38 PM

As a corporate traveler you’re pretty much guaranteed to be flying the same routes consistently for a set period of time. Not only are the routes the same but even the departure time, and flight numbers are the same. Pretty exciting, right? Continue reading “Review: UA EWR-SFO BusinessFirst”

Review: SFO Rotunda United Club

I like to try to eat healthy, and oatmeal falls on the list of bland, not bad for you foods. Unfortunately, the American Express Centurion lounge in terminal 3 of SFO doesn’t have that (anymore). They do have egg frittatas, French toast, and other similar things. Therefore I went through security, passed the Centurion lounge and headed for my favorite United Club in SFO. Continue reading “Review: SFO Rotunda United Club”